digital dissertation fellowship

Charlotte Fryar Digital Dissertation

The Digital Innovation Lab would like to congratulate Charlotte Fryar on completing her digital dissertation, Reclaiming the University of the People: Racial Justice Movements at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Fryar was a 2018 Digital Dissertation Fellow, Read more

Art Bot Incubation

In collaboration with Elizabeth Manekin, Head of University Programs and Academic Projects at the Ackland Art Museum, the Digital Innovation Lab staff has developed an “ART BOT,” an in-browser experience for visitors to the museum to interact with certain works of Read more

Digital Humanities and Arts Curricular Incubation

Curricular Incubation Fall 2018

The Digital Innovation Incubator is pleased to announce Mai Nguyen, Associate Professor in the Department of City and Regional Planning, as the recipient of the Digital Humanities and Arts Curricular Incubation award. This award provides financial support to a graduate student working Read more

Graduate Recruitment Fellowship

2017-2018 CDHI Recruitment Fellowship

Graduate Recruitment Fellowships (GRFs) engage PhD and terminal MFA students with digital humanities opportunities early in their graduate careers. Coordinated with graduate admissions activities among participating departments, the fellowships will be offered during the students’ first two semesters on campus. Read more

digital literacy fellowship

Digital Literacy Fellows

The Digital Literacy Fellowships will support graduate students wishing to expand their professional profiles through developing educational materials and programming to promote digital literacy.  These awards provide $4,000 for graduate students wishing to study and implement digital literacy initiatives on Read more