Sustaining Digital Humanities Through a New Laboratory Model

About CDH / DIL

Carolina Digital Humanities is a set of partnerships and programs that promote innovation, interdisciplinary connections, and collaboration around digital teaching, research, and outreach in the arts and humanities. The Digital Innovation Lab leads these efforts with an emphasis on transforming academic practices and driving digital innovation. Together, we develop answers to pressing questions like How can digital tools spur innovation in the humanities and arts? How can technologies extend the reach of the University beyond the campus and into local communities? And how can instructional innovation help students become critical consumers and creative producers of digital knowledge?

As we pursue these kinds of questions, we are leading the nation in developing digital projects for public engagement in local communities. We are also driving UNC-Chapel Hill’s initiatives for digital literacy in undergraduate education. And we are sparking and incubating campus innovations in digital research and teaching in the humanities and arts. Our priorities and laboratory approach support:

  • the development of digital literacy for students, faculty, and the public.
  • connecting humanities scholarship and teaching with local communities across the state and region.
  • digital incubation for leading edge research projects.
  • data studies in the humanities and arts.
  • The creation of free, open-source, adaptable digital research tools.
  • entrepreneurial approaches and career opportunities for students through digital tools and methods.

We welcome partners in all of these efforts. Learn more by exploring our programs and resources. You can also find out more about our history and some of our key projects. And please contact us if you have questions or would like to join our efforts.