Office Hours and Staff

office hours and staff

Digital Innovation Lab Open Hours:

Monday – Friday 10 am – 4 pm



Dan AndersonDan Anderson

iamdan [at] unc [dot] edu

Principal Investigator

Faculty Director of the Graduate Certificate Program in Digital Humanities & Curriculum Coordinator, Carolina Digital Humanities Initiative

Dan Anderson is a professor in the Department of English and Comparative Literature, where he serves as associate chair. He has built a number of instructional technology tools, including the PITJournal, and directs the Studio for Instructional Technology in English Studies (SITES), which provides instructors in the Department of English and Comparative Literature with opportunities and support as they integrate technologies into their teaching. He also serves on the Digital Innovation Lab Advisory Board, and in 2012, he served on the DIL/IAH Faculty Fellows selection committee.


Will BosleyWill Bosley

wbosley [at] email [dot] unc [dot] edu

Will comes to the DIL from from the Beasley Multimedia Resource Center which he managed from 2007 until 2015. Prior to his time here at UNC, Will was faculty at the Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon University. Will has a BA from Ohio State in technical theatre and an MET from Carnegie Mellon University.  Among his many duties, he is the Prospect Project Manager.


Student Staff

Emily Crockett

Emily Crockett, Programs and Media Outreach Research Assistant

Emily is a dual degree MSIS/MA student in the School of Information and Library Science and the Department of Art History. She is the Programs and Media Outreach Research Assistants, helping to promote the various programs happening around the DIL. Her interest area is mainly in archives, information retrieval, and the interaction of technology and art history.


Michael Doucette, Social Media Data Analyst

Michael is an undergraduate studying Information and Library Science and Cultural Studies with a minor in Computer Science. His research interests involve studying the effects of media and technology through behavioral patterns on internet platforms. Michael has experience with data and text mining, social network analysis, internet research design, and machine learning tools.


Matthew Duncan

Matthew Duncan, Digital Integration Coordinator

Matt is a PhD student in Rhetoric and Composition with an interest in applying digital tools in the writing classroom. His research interests in the DIL include alternative credentialing, big data approaches to evaluating writing, and bots. Matt is also interested in multimodal composition practices and teaching strategies that incorporate multimodal approaches.


Christi Fenison in front of the Old Well. Taken with a 360 camera.

Christi Fenison, Virtual Reality Specialist

Christi is an Environment and Science Communication student currently pursuing her Master’s at the School of Media and Journalism. Her interests include virtual reality and simulation for environmental and health communications and emerging technologies like blockchain  and IoT for transparency and sustainability. She is familiar with WondaVR, Adobe Premiere, ArcGIS and Sketchup, and is happy to assist others through the DIL.


Kun Qian

Kun Qian, Web Development Assistant  

Kun is an MSIS student in the School of Information and Library Science. Kun’s interest area is mainly in web design and development, human and computer interaction. Kun is also familiar with WordPress and Drupal websites and would be happy to help in any of these areas.


Sarah Walton

Sarah Walton, Social Media Project Manager 

Sarah Walton is a PhD student in English, studying 19th century British literature. She is excited to be a part of the DIL and is interested in applying DH methodologies to her research interests, which include travel writing, women’s and gender studies, and adaptation and fandom studies.


Yukun Yang

Yukun Yang, Social Media Data Analyst

Yukun is an MSIS student. His research interests reside in social media mining, social computing, and data science for social good. He is experienced in using a variety of analytical tools for exploratory data analysis, social network analysis, time-series analysis, text mining, and machine learning tasks.


Sarah Walton

Meng Li, Web Development Assistant

Meng is an MSIS student. Her research interests include data science and web development. She is familiar with machine leaning, data visualization, and full-stack web development. She is eager to help with problems in web design and web applications.