Colloquium on Computational Poetics and Data Aesthetics

On April 20, 2020, the Digital Innovation Lab (DIL) will hold a Colloquium on Computational Poetics and Data Aesthetics, as an extended investigation and celebration of the relationships between humans and machines and the works of art, literature, and visual knowledge they produce together.

The advent of computing has changed the work of artists and writers. Tools for working with data have similarly foregrounded aesthetic choices when representing knowledge. This colloquium seeks to showcase exciting and original work and research at the intersections of digital humanities and arts, expand our horizons through a roundtable and workshop led by working artists, scholars, and digital practitioners, and discuss emergent ethical questions in the field, as they relate to labor practices, data, and digital infrastructure.


Proposals for roundtable presenters are welcome on any aspect of these themes, in particular, but not limited to:
—The relationships between humans and machines
—The relationships between computation, quantitative methods, and aesthetics
—Ethical questions related to visualizations and computation
—E-poetry and the frontiers of poetry at intersection of technology and literature
—Digital labor practices, digital infrastructures, and funding mechanisms
—Art and digital practice, digital aesthetics
—The relationship between digital arts and digital humanities

The deadline is March 16 to submit a proposal for the roundtable.

For more information about the Digital Innovation Lab or for any questions about the upcoming colloquium, please contact Dan Anderson ( or Carly Schnitzler (

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