Prospect data visualization platform

We are developing a new model for digital work based on providing access to and training for low-threshold research and publication tools. Earlier approaches (such as the DH Press platform) focused on customized, one-off projects that, while successful, required high levels of investment and allowed only limited adoption.

To address this challenge, we emphasize user-friendly, open-source, flexible platforms for a range of digital teaching and research. We also ensure that digital tool development is always complemented by training and consultation that meets faculty and students where they are with their intellectual work.

Our major efforts revolve around Prospect, a digital platform that enables not only the development but also the public sharing of digital humanities research.

We also partner with campus entities to help students and faculty identify and find support for a range of activities using our digital research support finder.

For more information, including demo projects as well as download access, visit the Prospect site here.