Digital Project Management Fellows

digital project management fellowship

The Digital Project Management Fellowships will support graduate students wishing to engage with aspects of infrastructure, management, and institutional coordination around digital projects.

These awards provide $4,000 for graduate students wishing to join a research project supported by the Digital Innovation Incubator. Fellows will collaborate with partners from the Libraries, OASIS, and the Digital Innovation Lab, working closely with faculty and administrators to assist with the implementation of a research project.

Fellows will collaborate with a faculty member and DII partners during the fall of 2018 and the spring of 2019. Fellows are not expected to provide extensive labor related to the development of the research project. Instead, Fellows will be involved in the planning, implementation, and collaboration activities related to providing support for a significant digital research project. Fellows will be exposed to questions and learning opportunities related to the digital methods associated with the project.


Matthew Duncan

Matthew Duncan is a PhD student in Rhetoric and Composition with experience in several digital projects including, Adobe Digital Studio at Clemson University, and one of the CDHI Recruitment Fellowships from 2017-2018. In addition, Duncan is a member of the Digital Literacy Assessment committee in the English department working to “identify metrics that would accurately indicate the level of competency students had with digital platforms.” In relation to the Digital Project Management Fellowship, Duncan is “eager to learn more about getting these kinds of projects off the ground so that [he] can contribute more to the discourse surrounding digital humanities technologies.”


Sarah Hilker

Sarah Hilker is a PhD student in Classics with extensive experience in the classroom as a Senior Teaching Fellow. As an undergraduate and post baccalaureate student at the University of Pennsylvania, Hilker contributed to a number of digital projects including the Corinth Computer Project and Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative. Using the Digital Project Management Fellowship, Hilker “would like to make extensive use of digital methods for teaching, which would at least involve having students utilize different types of digital resources in order to create a more active learning environment.”


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