Digital Humanities and Arts Curricular Incubation – Request for Proposals

Request for Proposals: Digital Humanities and Arts Curricular Incubation 

The Digital Innovation Incubator (DII) is requesting proposals for participation in our semester-long course development program. For this iteration of the program, we are seeking instructors who wish to support graduate students who will assist with integrating digital activities into an undergraduate course to be taught during the fall 2018 semester. Courses should feature significant digital activities. The incubation program is meant to extend course development models by providing planning assistance prior to and access to infrastructure and ongoing support during the semester of teaching. We intend to engage with and support 2-3 courses. 

Selected courses will be provided with:  

  • an award to fund participation of graduate students in course development activities; instructors may designate up to three graduate students to participate; each selected course will have $5,000 total* to be distributed to one or more graduate students, 
  • the use of physical space in the DIL if appropriate, 
  • consultation with DIL staff, 
  • consultation with Library collection and digital support services, 
  • access to technical infrastructure and support through ITS, 
  • programming and consultation resources from OASIS. 

If selected, instructors will coordinate closely with incubator personnel and graduate student collaborators to plan and prepare for fall course activities. Support elements might include:  

  • developing web spaces for course projects, 
  • planning and coordinating data- and/ or GIS-oriented activities, 
  • planning related to archival and digitization activities, 
  • developing assignments and support structures for media-oriented activities, 
  • training and ongoing support for students and instructors. 

Eligibility: Courses must be taught by tenure-track or fixed-term faculty members in the College of Arts and Sciences. Courses should represent disciplines in the humanities, arts, or humanistic social sciences. For this call, only undergraduate courses will be considered. 

Selection: Courses will be selected by the DII Administrative Board. The board will seek to identify courses that: 

  • provide opportunities to investigate emerging innovations in digital research or production methods, 
  • propose feasible adaptations that can be implemented during the semester, 
  • provide students with hands-on, digital research or production opportunities, 
  • leverage campus infrastructure and initiatives, 
  • engage with multiple communities across and beyond campus, 
  • propose adaptations that can be conducted without additional support in future offerings of the course, 
  • will be offered regularly in subsequent years. 

Submission: To request that a curricular project be considered for possible incubation, prepare to submit a proposal using our online form. Submissions will be asked to:  

  • list one or more graduate students who have agreed to collaborate with the development of the course, 
  • detail the digital activities to be pursued during the course, 
  • explain the links between the proposed activities and the learning outcomes of the course, 
  • show the ways the course offers opportunities to experiment with emerging digital methods, 
  • describe any links between the course activities and faculty research, 
  • provide details about the students likely to be involved in the course, 
  • include plans for sustaining the activities in future offerings of the same or similar courses, 
  • discuss the way the course and proposed activities leverage or support other initiatives or strategic efforts on campus.

Submit your proposal and supporting materials via the form found at this link by April 30th. 

* Support will be given as cash awards during the summer of 2018. Awards may be subject to taxes.  

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