Curricular Incubation Fall 2018

Digital Humanities and Arts Curricular Incubation

The Digital Innovation Incubator is pleased to announce Mai Nguyen, Associate Professor in the Department of City and Regional Planning, as the recipient of the Digital Humanities and Arts Curricular Incubation award. This award provides financial support to a graduate student working with Dr. Nguyen who will assist with integrating digital activities into Housing and Community Development Planning and Policy (PLAN 769), a course geared toward Master’s students specializing in Housing and Community Development. 

Dr. Nguyen’s course provides an overview of historic and contemporary housing and community development planning and policy issues by focusing on the city and county of St. Louis. Her students will explore and reveal the spatial and governance patterns of the region and the people who live there as they produce dynamic, public-facing content and digital representations during the Fall 2018 semester.   

Dr. Nguyen engages in innovative teaching and research, including the “In the Shadow of Ferguson” Fall 2017, based on the same research trajectory, and exemplifies a scholar dedicated to the public good. We look forward to working with her on these courses!  

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