Art Bot Incubation

In collaboration with Elizabeth Manekin, Head of University Programs and Academic Projects at the Ackland Art Museum, the Digital Innovation Lab staff has developed an “ART BOT,” an in-browser experience for visitors to the museum to interact with certain works of art. This interactive experience was released in conjunction with the reinstallation of the permanent collection galleries and highlights one work of art in each room. These pieces include a Veranda Post from Palace Complex at Efon-alayeFuneral Relief of No’om (?) Wife of Haira, Son of Maliku, and Cranberry Pickers by Eastman Johnson.

Welcome to the Ackland! On this site you can talk to the art!

The prototype was created by Kristen Foote, who managed the project in the Digital Innovation Lab. Emily Crockett and Matt Duncan worked on brainstorming and consulted on usability and design. Kun Qian provided technical expertise in the final stages that made the success of the project possible. The project uses JavaScript, Carolina Git Service, and Carolina Cloud Apps to provide the in-browser experience to users at the museum. The repository is publicly viewable at

Check out the project on your mobile device at and visit the Ackland Art Museum for the full experience!


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