Intent to Pursue GCP/DH

Graduate Certificate Program in Digital Humanities (GCP/DH) Intent to Study Form

Please respond to these prompts and upload a narrative outlining your rationale for pursuing the certificate. Note that this is a planning document; while the details and timing of your pursuit of the certificate are likely to change, this information will be helpful in crafting your course of study.
  • Participants in the GCP/DH are encouraged to have an advisor associated with their home discipline or interests, who can complement the guidance of the Faculty Director for the GCP/DH. You will also need to identify a faculty advisor for the field experience component of the certificate. Please list any primary academic advisors or mentors who are likely to guide you as you pursue the certificate in digital humanities.
  • Please list any approved DH courses you have already taken or are currently taking that you would propose for inclusion in your plan of study for the GCP/DH. (Your rationale for inclusion should be a part of your plan of study narrative below.) Note that ordinarily only one such course can be counted toward the 3-course minimum.
  • Please list the digital humanities courses you currently anticipate taking to fulfill the 3-course minimum requirement. You may list a range of alternatives or areas of focus (e.g.,: ENGL 8XX or 8XY, or other course in text markup). Please provide the rationale for your choices/options in your plan of study narrative below. Note: we realize that the number and variety of digital humanities offerings will increase significantly over the next few years, which may well alter these choices.
  • Please provide a timeline for your pursuit of the certificate. What is your timeframe for completing the 3 required digital humanities courses? When do you plan on pursuing your field experience? Include with the timeline, a schedule for checking in with the Faculty Director of the CGP/DH. (This timeline should be helpful for planning and include dates for checking in, but can evolve as you pursue the certificate.)
  • Please indicate the type of field experience you would like to pursue. You may list a broad area of interest (e.g., museum or library internships, work in a digital laboratory, public education, etc.). You may also list a specific site and potential supervisor if you have already identified one or both.
  • Accepted file types: doc, docx, rtf, pdf.
    Submit with this form an explanation of 2-3 pages discussing how the courses and training you receive while pursuing the certificate relate to your needs and aspirations as a digital humanities practitioner. Discuss the relationships among the courses you propose to study. Describe the nature of the field experience you will undertake. Explain how this coursework and field experience will provide an appropriate and intellectually coherent learning opportunity and further your professional goals.